• A. Subject Premise

    Rental term is to commence at the following address on or after the following date subject to the completion of the rental units. term of rental is to be determined upon selection of unit and execution if the actual lease.
  • Lansing, MI 48933
  • B. Application Fee

    An application fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) will be paid when sending this application. The following will be the date of delivery.
  • C. Applicant Information

  • D. Emergency Contact Information

  • E. Application Household

    List all household members who will live in rented premise.

  • F. Applicant's Rental History

  • G. Application Employment & Financial Background

  • H. Co-Applicant Information*

    * Co-Applicant must submit a separate application.
  • I. Applicant Vehicle Informaiton

    Description of Vehicle (s)

  • J. Agreement

    I/We understand that Stockwell real Estate Group, Inc. is an agent of the landlord and is a paid representative of the Landlord. I/We acknowledge that this written notice was received before I/ we received a lease agreement. I/We authorize Stockwell Real Estate Group, Inc. tp conduct an employment/credit check concerning My/Our application and to verify all references. I/We declare that all information listed on this application is true and accurate.